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Expert SR&ED Consulting in Winnipeg Is your company eligible for the SR&ED program? Call 204 997 4817 for a free consultation. is led by Stephen Wach, a former Research and Technology Advisory with the SR&ED Program of the CRA. In his time at the CRA he has reviewed hundreds of SR&ED claims and specializes in maximizing your tax credits on claims involving software, hardware, mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, agriculture, medical, and other areas of research and development.

What are SR&ED Tax Credits?

  • Administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Scientific Research & Experimental (SR&ED) Program is a multi-billion dollar tax incentive program that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes to conduct R&D in Canada
  • This program is used by companies ranging from 1 person operations, to the large publically traded corporations
  • These tax credits are determined by your qualified expenditures
  • You have 18 months after your tax year end to claim SR&ED, but we strongly recommend filing within 6 months of your tax year end

What types of expenditures can be claimed?

  • Salaries for SR&ED work performed in Canada.
  • Some materials used in the performance of SR&ED
  • Contract incurred for SR&ED performed on your behalf
  • SR&ED capital expenditures can be claimed for Manitoba tax credits
  • You have 18 months after your tax year end to claim SR&ED, but we strongly recommend filing within 6 months of your tax year end

How much can I receive in tax credits?

The below example is for a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) with qualified salary/wage expenditures of $100,000

  • Salaries: $100,000
  • Proxy Election: $55,000
  • Refundable Tax Credits: $57,737.50
  • Non-Refundable Tax Credits: $11,625.00
  • Total Tax Credits: $69,362.50

As you can see that is nearly $70,000 in tax credits on $100,000 in salaries, the majority of which are refundable.

Our Process

  • Step 1: Identification
    We will perform a detailed assessment of your organization and the work undertaken over the time period in scope to identify SR&ED eligibility. We will interview key personnel to gather technical and financial details related to any SR&ED eligible work performed.
  • Step 2: Strategy Development
    We will analyze all of the information collected from our assessment and devise a claim strategy to maximize your SR&ED tax credits. A documentation system will be recommended to ensure that you keep records of any work performed so as to strengthen your claim. All key personnel will be trained on the SR&ED program and its requirements.
  • Step 3: Claim Building
    We will prepare the necessary technical and financial documentation required for your claim.
  • Step 4: Tax Preparation
    We will work with your accountant to prepare the necessary tax schedules and file your claim.
  • Step 5: Client Approval
    We will review your claim with you for final approval prior to submission.
  • Step 6: Status Review to Final Assessment
    We maintain constant communication with the government on your behalf to identify the status of your claim. Should there be a review, we will work with you throughout the review process to defend your claim.

Questions? Get in touch!

    Stephen Wach B.Sc. Comp. Eng.

    204 997 4817

    200-1460 Chevrier Blvd. Winnipeg, MB.